Chia Seeds


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Chia Seeds
Chia Seeds are small nutrient-filled black colored seeds. Chia meanings generally related to strength and vitality, so the name itself tells about the product.
It is merely a fantastic source of power and energy. It is a whole-grain food that obtained naturally. It is used daily by health-conscious people. It is high in fiber, proteins, omega-3, fatty acids, and various micronutrients.
Chia seeds are known as the healthiest food of this planet earth. It holds various nutrients that are beneficial for the human body with limited calories.
These seeds are used as a superior antioxidant and works as a food supplement that maintains the blood sugar level.
The seeds are an excellent source of fiber that boosts digestion. Daily use of a small amount of Chia seeds is very beneficial for losing weight.
It is a loaded source of Omega-3 that fights against depression and early aging.
Chia seeds contain some essential nutrients which are critical for bone health.
We preserve this gift of nature and deliver to the ultimate consumer with ensured benefits.
Features• 100% Naturally sourced
• Natural source of Nutrients
• Fiber and Omega-3
• Proteins
• Calcium
• Manganese
• Magnesium
• Phosphorus, Zinc
• Vitamin B1, B2 & B3
• PotassiumBenefits• Energy booster
• Control blood sugar levels.
• Improves digestion.
• Perfect bone health.
• Eliminate blood deficiency
• Regulate bowel movement


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