Our exceptional virgin coconut oil is pure extraction of fresh coconut and is 100% natural.  This oil is completely unrefined and genuine because it goes through a simplified cold-pressed production process. This oil packed with prime quality, and there is no exposure of heat in the whole mechanism.
Our extra virgin product holds calming aroma, tempting taste, and thin consistency.
It is healthy coconut oil for cooking seems at the top of the nutritional chart with abundant health benefits. It is consumable directly as a food supplement or sprinkles on food. It’s a power pack of antioxidants, fatty acids, and, more importantly, vitamin e.
Perfectly functions for muscle cramps, rashes, and skin dullness. Its anti-fungal properties cure bugs & lice problems
Herbal physicians recommend it for the colon cleansing and intestinal deworming. We proudly present this vegetarian product as the substitute of manufactured ghee & oils.
• Cold-pressed
• Crude
• Free from chemicals and artificial fragrances
• Classic flavor
• Free from Trans fats
• Cholesterol-free
• unbleached
• Improves digestion
• Strengthen immunity
• Treats dandruff and scalp roughness
• Natural skin moisturizer
• Youthful lustrous look
• Hair growth

• Cooking
• Adding flavor to salad dressing
• Body Message
• Itchy dried scalp
• Constipation
• Muscle & joint pains
• lack of moisture


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